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The National Centre for Arts and Cultural Exchange (NCACE)’s key research reports, case studies, four essay commissions, four mini ‘top-tips’ style toolkits and a number of blogs on many aspects of Cultural Knowledge Exchange can be found in our NCACE Collection. The Collection is searchable by resource type, as well as by theme, keyword and duration of read and is made up of over 40 publications.

Some key examples include:

Research Publications

Narrating Cultural Knowledge Exchange Dr Rebekka Kill

This series of interviews with six KE professionals all at different stages of their careers and from different types of institutions and it highlights the myriad modes of practice and types of support structures for collaborative projects and those engaged in their development.

HEIs engagement with the Arts and Culture Sector: Evidence from KEF 2021 narratives

Dr Federica Rossi (Birkbeck and NCACE) Dr Valentina Rizolli (University of Rome) and Dr Emily Hopkins (formerly NCACE)

Collaborating with Higher Education Institutions: Findings from a major NCACE/Arts Professional survey Evelyn Wilson (NCACE), Dr Federica Rossi (Birkbeck and NCACE) and Dr Emily Hopkins (formerly NCACE)

This report presents the key findings of NCACE’s 2021 survey (over 500 respondents) from the arts and culture sector on working with universities. It outlines key ways in which the arts and culture sectors work with universities, what they value most about collaborative knowledge exchange and key benefits and challenges with cultural knowledge exchange.


Making it Count: Measuring the real value of Cultural KE work

Authors: Suzie Leighton (NCACE), Dr Astrid Breel (Bath Spa University) and Sian Brittain (Guildhall School of Music and Drama)

AN account of an NCACE Knowledge Impacts Network (KIN) event that considered ways to measure, value and report the impacts and outputs of cultural knowledge exchange.


Dr Cara Courage’s think-piece Greater than the Sum of Parts explores how universities are being supported to work in greater partnership with cultural and other infrastructural actors via the DCMS and ACE funded Cultural Compacts Programme.

Rosy Greenlees OBE essay HE and arts and culture sector collaborations with reference to the work of the Crafts Council shines a light on key milestones in the development of collaborative work undertaken by CRafts Council with various universities around the UK over the last decade or so.

Dr Ferran’s essay Rewilding the Stems, a powerful reflection and meditation on culture, knowledge and interdisciplinarity

Case Study

Prof Ann Light’s case study on the CreaTures Framework was a H2020 programme that sets out how creative practices involving researchers, artists, policy-makers and funders and others can stimulate action towards socially and ecologically sustainable futures.


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