The Aspect Toolkit: Resources to Enable SHAPE Commercialisation

Aspect is a network of HEIs and partners working together to identify and disseminate good practice in SHAPE (social sciences humanities and arts for people and the economy) research commercialisation. Aspect members do this through a programme of funded projects, communities of practice (COP), and events. The Aspect Toolkit captures lessons learned during Aspect’s first three years. It is designed to provide practical, hands-on resources for university staff working across four KE Areas:

  • Research commercialisation. This toolkit includes a series of nuanced tools to help accelerate SHAPE research commercialisation, and a short video demonstrating the academic’s journey from idea to impact.
  • Business engagement.This toolkit aims to create a unified approach to SHAPE business engagement – with materials to support the case to academics and businesses about why it’s important to engage – and to change perspectives and assumptions about the value that SHAPE can provide to partners.
  • Knowledge Exchange (KE) communications.  This toolkit aims to support communications and messaging related to SHAPE commercial and business activities.
  • Student Entrepreneurship.  Using the learnings from six Aspect projects, this toolkit showcases how universities can encourage SHAPE student entrepreneurship and empower entrepreneurship practitioners and educators to better support these ventures.

The Aspect Toolkit provides resources and support for universities that can be immediately put into practice. It is comprised of four chapters (toolkits), each centred around one of Aspect’s Communities of Practice (COP): Research Commercialisation;  Business Engagement; Student Entrepreneurship; and Knowledge Exchange & Communications.

The Aspect Toolkit is designed to provide practical, hands-on resources and insights for university staff who support academics and students from the SHAPE disciplines, including:  research commercialisation, business engagement, knowledge exchange, and student entrepreneurship programmes.

Some resources might also be suitable for impact managers or academics working in the SHAPE disciplines, senior administrative staff at universities, or for research and innovation funding bodies.

SHAPE commercialisation

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