IP for Research Fundamentals Toolkit

The IP for Research Fundamentals toolkit has been created to enable UK universities, research institutes and other research organisations to develop the intellectual property (IP) knowledge of their researchers.

It is crucial that all individuals involved in academia are able to make informed decisions about the IP generated by themselves or others. Managed properly, IP is a highly valuable asset, providing benefits to researchers, society and the UK economy.

The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) developed the IP for Research Fundamentals toolkit to improve how the IP system is understood, accessed, and used by researchers. The toolkit is a package of trainer resources designed to guide researchers through the IP system. The resources support innovation by helping researchers identify IP assets, and understand how they can better manage and use IP for collaboration and commercialisation and to support enterprise.

The resources have been designed to enable institutions to deliver flexible IP training sessions around their own requirements and research objectives in formats most useful to their needs. The toolkit builds on the well-respected IP for Research education programme initially developed in 2017 and piloted via a series of workshops and webinars.

The IP for Research toolkit can be used as an off-the-shelf training package, or training sessions can be tailored using the range of ‘optional’ resources. Training may be given in bitesize or extended sessions, depending on need. The package includes:

  • Session plan
  • Presenter information pack to assist with planning
  • Teaching slides (‘core content’, suitable for a 90-minute interactive workshop / webinar or flexible shorter sessions)
  • Six quick guides (IP in knowledge exchange, Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs), IP management, collaborative research, spin-outs, and licensing)
  • Case studies and interactive activities
  • FAQs
  • List of resources with links including videos

The toolkit aims to support institutions to build capacity by ensuring that researchers are provided with:

  • An understanding of the core intellectual property rights (IPRs)
  • The confidence to identify and manage their IP proactively
  • An introduction to collaboration and commercialisation
  • Awareness of confidentiality and security aspects
  • Information on how to engage with their institution to get further advice on IP and relevant policies.
IP for Research

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